Mar'GONE Finally....

by Cylur, 14 days ago

Fantastic work folks. Special note to our guild lucky charm 'Saph'... Calar pay him...

EDIT: Forgot to mention, if it wasn't for Teng having bubble/taunt somewhere on his bars this would have possibly gone very wrong... :P

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Join us!

by Cylur, 68 days ago

Creatures of Honour is (now was, thanks to WoD) a 10man raiding guild on Kilrogg-Eu (Horde). CoH was established in 2007, so you can expect stability and longevity. We are an English-speaking guild with members from all over the world. Our guild is made up of experienced, funny, sarcastic and just plain nuts players aiming to see content while still managing to balance real life commitments.

We are currently recruiting for with the intention of moving from 10man raiding to 20man for mythic. As such we are interested in applications from all classes who have a good raiding history. Bottom line is we want to progress and have fun doing it!

Raiding Schedule: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday between 18.00-20.30 server time (CET). Yes it is a pretty unique time.

Apart from the chance to see end game content, We offer Raiders Guild repairs, Flasks/Potions, Reduced cost enchants/enhancements and an uncanny ability to turn normal chat into PG rated nonsense.. We do have a minimum age for this reason. :).

What we expect of Raiders:

• Sign and show up for raids
• Good class/role knowledge
• Raid preparation; tactical and appropriate gear
• Effort outside of raids; rep gaining, additional rolls, professions etc.
• Positive attitude
• Good internet connection
• Have TeamSpeak available and be able to listen to instructions, a microphone is a bonus.

Contact: Cylar#2724, Calar#2556 or Shifty#1320 for an in game chat today!

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