Blackhand, use the microwave..

by Cylur, 36 days ago

..we finally broke the FUCKIN furnace!! :)

A very annoying fight, good work everyone!

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Freak Streak? or Focus Pocus?

by Cylur, 58 days ago

Very good night again folks. /Hug. I think we should have drunk normal BRF nights more! :)

Tomorrow night Iron Maidens and Blast Furnace ... bring tears... :)

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Dar(s)mac(ked) and the 'Twins'..HC

by Cylur, 78 days ago

Who got the movie reference with the Twins...:)

Brilliant night folks. Hello to our new members! /wave Don't say I didn't warn you!

Laserz, Here is your magazine..,be=herps

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